Love alpacas?? Want to own one but can't??

Let the Sunrise Silhouettes Adopt-an-Alpaca Sponsorship Program help you achieve your dream!

Adoption Sponsorship: $50‚Äč

First time sponsorship includes:

4 X 6 Photo of alpaca
Copy of Lineage Certificate (Except for Weeman & Dahli)
Adoption Certificate
**Sponsors will be listed on the alpacas profile with date of Adoption Sponsorship.**

If you'd like to continue to Sponsor the same alpaca monthly, yearly, etc. just let us know each time you'd like to donate and we will add the date of donations to the alpaca profile.

How it works: 
  1. Choose the alpaca that you would like for Adoption Sponsorship by looking at the "Our Animals" tab.
  2. You choose the animal for Adoption Sponsorship.
  3. Email Sunrise Silhouettes your choice and receive confirmation email back.
  4. Venmo the funds to @alpacafun  *If you do not have Venmo we can make other arrangements*
  5. You Package items can either be mailed to you picked up at the farm.

Your participation in the Adopt-an-Alpaca Sponsorship program will help us to continue to help the alpacas of Sunrise Silhouettes receive feed and daily care, as well as allowing us to grow our educational and supportive programs.

Adopt-an-Alpaca Sponsorship is also a unique Gift for any age!!!

**Note to adopters:  Adoption Sponsorship of an alpaca does not mean you take it home with you**